from - Vanuatu's President Baldwin Lonsdale, speaking in Tokyo, has appealed for international help after his tiny island nation took a direct hit from a category 5 cyclone in the Pacific.oklahoma city news cyclone pan vanuatu baldwin lonsdale typhoon soloman islands port vila pacific tuvalu australia

from - Climate change is causing glaciers to melt, heat waves to become more intense, species to become extinct and low-lying island nations like Tuvalu to disappear altogether. To this list of calamities,science

from - By Valerie Yu, Special to the Independent   Rain or shine, the Gate hangs aloft outside Laguna Beach’s Chantilly Ice Cream, greeting newcomers and locals alike with welcoming words hand-painted on laguna pioneering laguna lifestyle headlines chantilly ice cream entertainment sports laguna beach music

from - By Kristi Cancellieri, Schoolpower volunteer   The Deck at the Pacific Edge Hotel played host to SchoolPower’s business appreciation party on May 3, giving the education foundation the opportunity kristi cancellieri