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from - More than a year before three Haight Street young adults were arrested and charged with murder for killing a Canadian tourist in Golden Gate Park and a hiker in Marin, »

from - When I was in Peru in 2006, the entire country was dry. I got in about a week before an election and for that period no alcohol was allowed to »

from - Whether taxi drivers can light up and puff marijuana on their off hours was the topic of intense discussion Tuesday for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors. »sf taxi the san francisco municipal transportation agency

from - So this is the new downslope of the most bittersweet coaching career on record, two decades that have fluctuated so wildly between failure and redemption and euphoria and sustained supremacy »

from - California coach Sonny Dykes hopes his players took more than a loss from their recent trip to Utah. He’s counting on the Golden Bears having learned a lesson on how »

from - Amid a national debate over immigration, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors stood behind its sanctuary city policy that has come under sharp scrutiny following the shooting death of Kathryn Steinl...

from - It’s really hard to determine exactly which part of Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” tour, which hit San Jose’s SAP Center on Monday night, was the best. Was it when she emerged »

from - The old refrain “voting doesn’t matter” is total malarkey this election, at least if you live in District 3. When the votes are counted Nov. 3, a handful of residents »

from - Herbert Benitez and his mother were at San Francisco’s Main Library last Thursday when he left to grab lunch. He never returned. Police shot and killed Benitez, 27, a block »

from - Former state Senator John Burton is known for his colorful language and his progressive leadership but when it comes to San Francisco’s consideration of a policy to allow cyclists to »