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from - Not since the great Charlie Streisel wayward drill event have our letters to the editor section deviated noticeably from its overly serious (I think) tone. The drill thing went on for several weeks electric drill

from - Rochus Aust performs his Ninth Symphony, using a hair dryer, electric drill and other unusual instrumentsunusual instruments rochus aust electric drill

from - The hum of an electric drill disturbed the normal quiet at Englewood High School Stadium as crews worked on rebuilding the north stands. Dave Henderson, school district supervisor of maintenance and ...arvada press golden transcript northglenn thornton sentinel sports castle pines news-press north jeffco westsider foothills transcript lone tree voice wheat ridge transcript schools

from - CANNELTON - A man died from accidental electrocution Friday while working on his sewage system. Coroner Darrel Riley said Mark McManaway had made a "snake" from a steel cable and placed one ...electric drill

from - Surely anyone who has seen me knows that I am very overweight, and I know that many of you want to ask me about it but you are too polite to do so. I’m going to save you the bother. The truth is tha...letters featured pilferage my tools     electric drill cold chisels pry bars my tools

from - Sandra Parker leaned over with an electric drill in her hand Saturday morning and bored a small hole through a two-by-four board and into the concrete slab below, all under the direction of Habitat fo...electric drill

from - A lady hired a man to help in remodeling her house. After he had finished a rough first day on the job, a flat tire made him lose an hour of work, his electric drill quit, and his ancient one-ton truc...electric drill