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from - Another Art for Heaven’s Sake is in the books! If you remember, last week I did a lot of last minute making; that continued on through Thursday night, when I made a bunch of zip wallets with some craft fairs

from - Just a quick post to share some pix from my show on Saturday. It was clear, thank goodness, but chilly. Turnout was less than usual, but it wasn’t a horrible show. I do think that we’re all craft fairs i do think

from - Well, what a weekend! Thank GOODNESS for my hand dyed scarves! That’s pretty much all I sold – but I sold plenty of them (59, if you’re curious…)! My cold kept me from topping up my stock of craft fairs

from - Well, my first show of the fall is upon us, Art for Heaven’s Sake is this Friday night, Saturday and Sunday! I’ve been so busy making for it I haven’t had much time for fun things like reading craft fairs one moment my first show

from - Anyone have any ins with the weather Gods? Living here in the Inland Empire of Southern CA, our wethaer is usually dry, and a lot of the year very hot, so when planning a show in November with half craft fairs art show

from - Hello There! I’ve missed you all and I’ve got plenty of blogs to catch up on! I thought I’d review how my show went, both FYI as well as FMM (for my memory!). The show opens with a 7-10 PM recep...selling art craft fairs fmm

from - I’ve been really working away, making a lot of stuff, and I’m so sad I don’t get to properly blog about it all…to me, something doesn’t feel DONE now unless I blog about it! Be that as it ma...goals art craft fairs

from - My studio does NOT always look like this! Here it is, (minus the diet coke cans, they had to go, they were multiplying without me) right now:art craft fairs process the diet coke

from - Well, there were 93 comments and the winner is…# 37! Kim! I’ve emailed her to let her know, and if I don’t hear from her before next Friday, I’ll draw another # – after the NEXT show (and craft fairs selling 93 comments 93 comments